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Been told to ‘hang around’ London Incase a call comes in #hardlife #mocha #engineer #caffeine #oxfordstreet #costa

Been told to ‘hang around’ London Incase a call comes in #hardlife #mocha #engineer #caffeine #oxfordstreet #costa

Almost! #soclose #thesun #puzzles #greymatter

Almost! #soclose #thesun #puzzles #greymatter

12 Epic Home Remodeling Ideas



Sunken Bathtub

This remodeling idea only works if your master bathroom is on the first floor, but it’s pretty awesome. Build a sunken enclosure for a pre-built bathtub or make your own mini-pool right in the floor. It does take up a lot of space, but it’s so much more convenient and…




I love to see children who are so delicate and gentle with animals.  It warms my heart amidst a sea of brats pulling cats’ tails and getting whacked.


I love how she reaches up on her tippy toes to snuggle into his shoulder.

To be more exact, that’s a hen. Which is the female. This is likely not his first encounter with her. My grandpa had chickens and hens, and if you visit them frequently like this they develop affection to you. I would know, because I sat in the chicken coop alot. The hens get a small maternal kick, and come to cuddle you because she wants to keep you warm, like she would do with her chicks. This means the boy has spent alot of time with her, and that just makes it more heart warming.

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